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Car Accidents

If you’ve been in a car accident and have suffered injuries, who will pay for your medical bills? If your vehicle and property has been damaged, how will you cover the cost of replacing it? Above all, as the victim of a car accident, you have rights and we can help you pay your medical bills and vehicle repaired. In other words, we are here for you.

Truck Accidents

Through their sheer size and weight, trucks and other large commercial vehicles pose a significant risk to others on the road. Firstly, not only can they pose dangerous obstructions to driver vantage, when a collision occurs, they can easily cause catastrophic damage to other vehicles and their passengers. However, when these kinds of dangerous collisions occur because of truck driver error or trucking company negligence, then victims may have grounds to pursue compensation. Therefore, please call a personal injury lawyer to get you the max amount of money for your injury claim.

Motorcycle Accident

Unlike other travelers on the road, motorcyclists are especially exposed and vulnerable to catastrophic injury. For car and truck drivers, motorcycles are small, easy to miss, and in some cases, simply a nuisance to be ignored. When this kind of driver activity leads to injury, then those drivers deserve to be held accountable for their negligence on the road.

Injuries To The Disabled

What happens if you got hurt through someone else’s negligence, or worse hurt someone by not paying attention? Someone who causes injury through negligent, reckless or intentional conduct is responsible to the injured person for the damages suffered. The goal of awarding damages is to restore the injured person as much as possible — physically, emotionally, mentally and financially — to the condition that he or she was in before the injury occurred. Above all, you have rights as a disabled person when injured due to negligence and/or recklessness. In conclusion, we at the Raub Law Firm can handle your case with prestige tenacity and fulfill your pockets with a reward suitable to your injury claim.


Our experienced Corpus Christi bankruptcy attorneys will assist you with both short term and long term solutions. Additionally, you will work directly with Corpus Christi Bankruptcy Attorney Timothy Raub. Plus, Tim offers free consultations, either in-person or by phone, depending on which works better for you. Also, with offices in both Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas our bankruptcy firm is convenient for your Houston/Corpus Christi debt relief needs.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies because of the careless or wrongful acts of another person, no amount of money can make you whole. But you have real losses, and the wrongdoer needs to be held accountable and compensate you fairly for all you have lost. We can help.

Offshore Injuries

If you or someone you love is hurt in a boating, watercraft, or water-related injury, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to help you pursue full and fair compensation for all your losses. In conclusion, you want the Raub Law Firm to represent you and get what you deserve with the insurance companies and furthermore uphold your rights.

Workplace Injuries

Suffering an injury at work can cause significant pain and suffering, as well as many other physical and mental challenges. Workers’ compensation should pay for injuries you sustain at work and help supplement your lost income during your recovery period, but you may struggle to get compensation for the full cost of your injuries. Furthermore, you may feel that the amount offered by your company is insufficient for your medical needs.
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Timothy Raub and his law firm has changed lives locally here in Corpus Christi and will continue to do so for the great people of South Texas. We know how to handle the insurance companies for you so you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.


When you are dealing with the complications of a serious injury, it is crucial to have a Corpus Christi personal injury attorney that you can trust. Tim fully understands this and makes himself as available as possible to all his clients.
From your consultation onward, he will be by your side, aggressively fighting for the compensation you need to recover and move forward with your life. Whether through negotiations with the insurance company or at trial in a court of law, expect him to provide you with the results you need. There are no fees unless we win!

Helping Your Personal Injury Lawyer Succeed

Your first responsibility after your personal injury is to make sure you stay up to date with your medical care. If you cancel appointments or don’t follow your treatment plan to the letter, the other parties in your case may assume that your injury is not serious. You should keep any follow-up appointments, and follow all recommendations made by your doctors and specialists.

Aiding In Gathering Evidence.

Most attorneys will give you a list of the kinds of documentation they need, including a record of the time you missed from work, your medical records from all the facilities that treated your injury, your various insurance policies, and a statement in your own words about how your injuries have impacted your daily life.

Telling Your Personal Injury Lawyer The Truth.

You should not lie or hide any details that could be relevant to your case. If you fail to disclose information to your personal injury lawyer, he will be less prepared during the case. If you are not sure if something is relevant, it’s best to tell your attorney rather than withhold the information.

Keeping Your Personal Injury Lawyer Informed.

The details of your case may change as the case progresses, and you need to share new evidence, medical progress reports, and communication from insurers and employers with your personal injury lawyer. If you cannot make a meeting with your lawyer or attend court proceedings, always let your personal injury lawyer know as soon as possible.

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